Owatatsumi Yoshitsune

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Owatatsumi Yoshitsune

Post by Yoshitsune on Sun Feb 21, 2016 1:36 am

Name: Owatatsumi Yoshitsune
Village: Steel
Rank: Chunin
Age: 23
Appearance: Tall with long white hair, piercing blue eyes and a generally vacant expression.
Personality: Broken, sometimes jovial but often quick to anger. However always regrets his outbursts meaning often he's most annoyed at himself
Likes: Solitude, wide open places and money
Dislikes: Crowds and paying for things
Fears: Lack of control
Weapons: Twin blades worn on the elbows, supppsedly cursed.
Summons: None, his chakra is too unstable to form a bond.
Bio/Story: The estranged younger brother of Bourny, traumatic events of Yoshitsune's past have left him unstable in mind and spirit. His control of chakra is limited, but the strange blades he weilds afford him phenomenal amounts. As such he needs to "burn off" excess chakra every few days, or lightning begins to spark from his body. Due to the damaging effects of this, most of his salary is paid into an "insurance" that the village uses to pay for property damage while he's within the walls. This means Yoshitsune tries to stay out on missions, earning money while not incurring costs.


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