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Rules of the site

Post by Bourny on Sun Feb 14, 2016 6:21 pm

Alright, when it comes to making your RP character, be as creative as you want.
But there are a few rules that I want to establish before you do.

1. STICK TO WHAT YOU CAN DO. If you are a genin, there is no way in hell you'd go on an S-classed mission when RPing. Though some Naruto anime/manga characters defy this rule, you guys unfortunately will not be able to.

2. When you are RP-ing, you MUST RP as your status, shown above your avatar and below your username. Which means that if you are an Academy student as of now, you MUST RP as a student. Ignoring this rule will result in dire consequences.

3. Summons, without an administrator's permission, are also prohibited. Though the Naruto manga/anime characters could summon things like Manda as genin, you will not be allowed to, sorry.

4. No godmods/autohits/playing another person's character for them. You cannot say that "my character can kill an opponent with one twitch of a finger". It's stupid, amateur-ish, and plain obnoxious. Autohitting? Instead of

She takes out her blade and slashes twice at him, throwing him backwards into the tree with sheer force


She takes out her blade and slashes twice at him in hopes of throwing him backwards into the tree with the sheer force

See how a couple words make a big difference? You are only in charge of your own fate. Please don't play God in this forum. Jinchuuriki are also prohibited.

5. No clans/bloodlines. There's a reason as to why we're prohibiting them for now.

6. Be original. Don't RP as an existing Naruto character.

7. This site is based in the Naruto universe years after all the story lines etc so please don't rip off a story line or characters from the original story.

8. The technology available is the same as the Naruto universe (no automatic guns only single shot muskets etc)  the site would be no fun if someone has an Uzi!

Most important rule HAVE FUN!

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